Thursday, June 25, 2009


All my life, I can remember having dreams about being pregnant. Strange dreams, like I delivered my baby in the hallway between the cafeteria and the band room at my High School during school hours, but I wasn't a student. I dreamed my Sister's baby came out looking like the Asian guy with the fuzzy hair from the 40 Year Old Virgin. I've often had dreams where I knew that the baby I was holding was conceived and delivered by me. Last week for the first time ever, I was holding a baby in my dream. We had been placed with the child, and the Birth Mother of this child signed the permanent surrender forms and the baby was ours. The funny part was, that all I was worried about was the fact that our paperwork wasn't completed, and if they found out, we couldn't have the baby. I remember saying over and over in the dream, "But our paperwork isn't done yet"!!!

It wasn't sad, it kind of made me chuckle, simply because our paperwork ISN'T done yet! I just wonder if, in real life, when I'm in that situation, will I care if my paperwork is done or not???

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