Friday, January 17, 2014

Day 2

So I finally had my wisdom teeth removed after putting it off for years. Yesterday was dooms day. It wasn't fun, but really no where near as bad as I thought it would be. It only took the Dr. 30 minutes to get all 4 out. I was pretty sick afterwards. Not sure what exactly was causing it but there were too many factors to pin point just 1. Mira had a sleepover at my Moms Wednesday then the inlaws last night. I have been laying around all day. No pain, just swelling. We just got a snow storm tonight and jud went to get Mira but the roads are too bad so they're having a sleepover at his moms again. At least that means I should get another full night of sleep! I was going to post a picture of my swollen face but it's too scary! Ha ah I haven't showered of fixed my face/hair since yesterday. I'll spare you! Going to try to venture out tomorrow to a birthday party and dance class. Hoping the swelling goes down some more and things are healing nicely.

******UPDATE****** Day 9 and I am doing great. The Dr. checked me today and said they are healing nicely. The swelling/bruising is gone and the pain that I had days 5-8 is finally gone. See? 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The new Friday!

I just realized that since I only watch 1 kid now, today is my Friday! I know, the last I posted about the kids I watch was forever ago, right when I first started. We'll both mommies that I was sitting for announced they are pregnant within 24 hrs of each other. That would mean a 4 yr old, 2 two yr olds, and 2 infants in my care. Ain't gonna happen! I know my limits, and honestly I was at my limit with the load I already have. So I told my friends that I would care for their first borns, until the seconds were born, and then I am retiring. Long story short, "S" started at his new daycare so he can get comfy there before the baby comes and rocks his world! This is his first week there and I haven't heard but I hope it's going great. It's been really quite calm here, which is a great change. Mira has been well behaved for the most part and I have more time and patience to devote to her. "B" and Mira get along really well most of the time. They like playing dolls together, and putting on jewelry or dressing up. I think Mira will be sad when April comes and she's forced to play with me again everyday, but hopefully the weather will be warm and we can meet new and old friends at the park often. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Looking into some cool massage techniques to learn and lots of time with my sweet girl, learning, exploring, and just being together.

This week with the cold weather, there was 2 days when school was delayed. I put the neighbor boys on the bus a few days a week, and offered for them to hang out on delay days too. This is what happened most of the time they were here.....

I think the boys were excited Mira got some boy toys for Christmas! 

She's so cute. She says, "Hey boys, wanna play babies?" They change the subject real quick! Ha ha ha! 

So, we'll be running errands tomorrow. Must get my girl out of this house! Other then going out to wait for the school bus 2 days, Mira's been stuck in the house all week. It's finally supposed to warm up a bit, so we are thankful for that. Happy Friday, whenever that is for you!

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Wow! It has been so long since I wrote. I promise I am turning over a new leaf. Feeling inspired by a new friend and her blog, and hoping she will give me a few pointers on how to do this for real, so it's not so frustrating to me!

I have been writing a post in my head called "my favorite things" because Mira is in such a fun stage right now, and I want to remember every minute of it! My goal is to blog more to document all this, even if it's more of a daily journal than anything. That will most likely be a long-running post with many updates.

We started out this new year with a very lazy relaxing week. Mira loves the snow. She runs outside squealing and falls on her face, I'm assuming tongue out, licking snow! She just lays there, on her belly, then on her back, staring at the sky. Oh, to be that carefree! I would like to add a picture here, but I can't find my pictures on my new iPad! Grrrrr!

We also had an awesome camp-out in our family room! Daddy built the perfect tent, and we all 4 (the dog too!) slept under it on an air mattress! Well, Daddy made it until 4am, but Mommy and Mira slept in til 9! Too bad the air mattress was deflated by then! Ouwah!

Here's to documenting our crazy life a little better this year!