Monday, July 6, 2009

For Megan :-)

I posted on FB last night that I had some good stuff to blog about, then didn't have time to blog. My friend Megan has been stalking my blog all day waiting, so I'll write a quick update before she goes crazy!

We were so excited Wednesday night when we realized we had all our paperwork completed for the homestudy, we couldn't wait to get it in the mail! For those of you who have never done a homestudy, it's a huge hurdle in the process. HUGE! There were so many questions and requirements to complete it's not even funny. Hopefully everything is filled out correctly, and we get the call to schedule our home visit/interview/inspection soon.

We spent the weekend in Virginia visiting some of Justin's family. We had a great time, visiting with our cousin's Mark and Misty, Kaitlyn, and their new little one Cannon. It's always great spending time with family. We saw fireworks both Friday and Saturday night, and laughed alot! I'll post pictures later. Some of the family even donated to our adoption fund, which was completly unexpected! Also, while driving home from Virignia, my sister called me and was so excited she couldn't wait to spit out the words!!! There's a little church in the town where I grew up, that has decided to make our adoption fund their mission for the month of July!!! We didn't ask them, we don't even know the minister. A friend who goes there was telling the Minister our story, and they want to help! They have decided that any money that comes in and is designated to go to the missions fund, will go to us. They also have a jar where people can donate their loose change and it will go to us to! The financial burden that comes along with the adoption process is one we decided to grin and bear. We know that God has brought us to adoption for a reason, and that he will provide the funds to help us bring home our miracle! The fact that this church and community have decided to take interest in us, is humbling, and it brings tears to my eyes. God is so good, and we continually are reminded of it. We are blessed beyond belief, and I can't wait for the day that we can repay all the people who are being so generous during this time.

It's almost surreal, watching this blessing unfold before our eyes. Before we decided to adopt, Justin was hung up on the financial end of it. Fees, and more fees, and oh, did I mention fees? It is overwhelming. I told him that God has brought us here, and he will provide. At that time, I really don't think I believed those words. I would have said anything to help persuade him to take the leap! Thanks to the "Big Guy" upstairs for helping me out with that!

I hope some day I can write the appropriate words to describe this whole process. It's changing my life, and I hope that if 1 person is touched from our story, they will also take the leap and adopt. I will be a better person, truly facing adversity and surrendering it all to God. We will have a stronger marriage, having been tested to the max and coming out on the other side, with a greater respect for each other and our faith.

More to come about our entire journey, from the start of our dreams to be parents til now. Sorry Megan, I know that's gonna drive you crazy too. I'll send you a private message when I post so you don't have to stalk my blog all week! ;-)

By the way, Megan and her husband Josh are fellow adoptive parents from Adoption Circle. She's been sharing her wisdom with me, keeping me sane so far. Pray for them as they are in the process of their second adoption, chosen by the birthmother of a miracle to be born in October.

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