Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Holy Moly!

So I missed two weeks of "Gratituesday" and still haven't blogged about celebrating our birthdays with Justin's family, not to mention all the other things we've been busy with lately! Bad blogger. Bad.

Hmmmmm, I don't know if I remember back that far! Ha! It's a fun, crazy time when we get everyone together, and I can't seem to hold on to my camera long enough to photograph the events! Maybe I need a longer strap so I can wear it around my neck. Here's a couple from the day we celebrated our birthdays with the Whites, I think!
Mira and her beautiful, Big Cousins
 Owen, trying to stay as far away from those silly girls as possible!

I think next came my nephew Jake's birthday, and we went to the play place with him to celebrate, and then had a party the weekend after. Mira got sick and didn't make it to the party, and I was only there for a short time, and don't think I had my camera.
Isn't he handsome??

So that brings us to April! We had a spaghetti dinner to help raise funds for two of my cousins who were injured at work. What a HUGE success. Thanks to all our friends and family who helped in that effort.

Then it was Owen's first birthday! What a handsome boy. Can't believe how fast the time flies by! It was a Mickey party, so Mira LOVED it!
 Photo Courtesy of Kristen Durkin
Donald Duck balloon art from the party!

 We went to an Easter Egg Hunt,
 and Mira liked the food the best!

Kayleigh turned 2!!!
 Crazy Mira in the baby doll stroller!
 Total silliness!

Easter Sunday
 Friends at church

 Enough with the camera, Mom!

Sweet Cousins!
Poor Jake has had enough of this nonsense!

Ok, that wore me out, but that's what I get for neglecting my blog! Good thing I have a few pictures to jog my memory.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gratituesday: Simple Gifts

I had a headache all day and was trying to figure out how I was going to make it through work this afternoon. When I got to the office, it was gone! I enjoyed the afternoon of work, and was very thankful to be able to concentrate on making my clients feel better, and not on my aching head!

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Friday, April 8, 2011

I wonder.......

~what possesses my daughter to completely stuff her mouth full of food and then attempt to swallow. (I couldn't find a picture of that, but here's what her Pappy taught her to do. So precious)

~if people read their poorly written Facebook status updates and think they used proper grammar. My 2 year old niece speaks better then some of my FB "friends". Don't even get me started on spelling and punctuation. I'm not even that anal about grammar, and it drives me CRAZY!!!  :-)

~if people who are habitual complainers ever step back and look at the big picture.

~if the contractor that's "supposed" to be at our house at 4pm today will actually show up this time.

~what makes people desire the type of music they listen to.

~if Mira hears real words in her head when she's speaking jibberish. (which I love and will be sad when she no longer does)

~if my Husband REALLY needs all 982,654,888,976 pairs of black socks that he has.

~who's job it is to look at all your pictures before you post them on your blog. Bet that's an interesting one!

What are you pondering today?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gratituesday: Milestones

As I mentioned last week, I'm very thankful to be able to stay home with Mira. I've been able to witness most, if not all, of her "firsts". The past 16 months have been some of the greatest months of my life, and it really keeps getting more fun! I was going to do a post about some of the new things Mira's been saying and doing, so what better day then on "Gratituesday"!

Yesterday, she tried to run for the first time. It was so funny, and of course, I didn't have my camera. Up to this point, she would just put her hands in the air and pick her feet up higher off the floor, but not move any faster. This time she was moving fast, but it only lasted a couple steps before she stopped. I think she shocked herself!

Her "lovey" is a little blanket that we are constantly loosing/looking for. She now points it out for me and says, "there it is!" I think that might be it's new name!

She likes to play "This Little Piggy" and pulls of her socks so we can play. We just taught her what sound a piggy makes, which sounds like someone clearing their throat! She's always saying socks and shoes, as she carries everyone's shoes around the house.

She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Mommy USED to love it too, until recently when Mira wasn't feeling well and was up most of the night. The only thing that calmed her down was watching the Mouse, and dancing to the Hotdog Song til the weeeeee hours of the morning. I'm trying to catch her singing on video, but of course, that's not happening either! Ha! Maybe I'll update later after I catch it.

*UPDATE* After several attempts and one very distracted toddler, I give you Mira's singing debut!

She usually waves and says, "Eye, Eye" (Bye, Bye) but you get the point!

We have a rocking horse that she likes to ride, and she just figured out how to get on it by herself. We're still working on the dismount! We're trying to teach her to say, "Yeehaw, ride'em cowgirl!". As of now, it comes out, "Aaahhhhh ha"! With the same inflection in her voice, every time. I finally caught this:

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