Sunday, August 16, 2009

Romantic Get-away!

For our 5 year anniversary, I planned a relaxing weekend at the lake. Although, there wasn't much that was romantic! Justin's family and many friends spent many years at Canadohta Lake. We decided to go there, and Justin was excited to see the place, after not being there for 15 years or so. He was disappointed to see they took out the go-kart track, but I think everything else was as he remembered. We found a campground online, reserved a site, and planned to scope out some cabins and cottages while we were there, for future trips. Our campground left a lot to be desired. We dubbed it the "ghetto". However, we made the best of it. We took a bike ride around the lake, exploring and working up an appetite for a gourmet meal.

Here's my wonderful Hubby, cooking me dinner on the open fire, with his Redneck Oven Mits (yes, they're blue knee high socks!). I called him a Boy Scout, and he informed me that he was never a Boy Scout, he was over-qualified to join!

We rented a Pontoon boat on Saturday, and spent a few hours cruising the lake, catching some rays, and trying to catch some fish. I was very successful with the rays part, but unfortunately my sunscreen didn't work. I have the burn lines to prove it! The fishing part didn't go so well, but we had fun anyway.

On our way to Canadohta, which is in Union City, PA, we passed the Crawford Co. Municipal Building, where apparently a local artist recycles the old road signs to decorate the grounds around the building. This was some really cool stuff, we even stopped to get a better look and take some pictures. Everything you see, is made out of old road signs. Amazing!

Despite the "ghetto", we had a great weekend. We talked to some people and scoped out some places to stay next time. The past 5 years have been amazing, not always a romantic get-away, but we always make the best of it!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


So, we had another busy week. Our home study is approved in the state of PA. Adoption Circle should have received our PA Home Study on Friday. I mailed the remaining paperwork needed for Ohio to our caseworker, and got copies of our profile printed. A friend from high school worked at the printing place, and she made some last minute changes and cleaned some things up for me before printing! Thanks so much, Abbie! We think it looks great, and hopefully the potential Birth parents will too! Hopefully, Adoption Circle will review our paperwork quickly and we will be officially approved and waiting soon!

Progress on our new bathroom is coming along. The cabinets, tub, shower, lights, and sink are installed. The walls are painted Toffee Crunch, and this week the floor will be laid, and the toilet will be ordered. (it's almond colored so it's not in stock) Can't wait for a bigger space and more storage! Luckily, we've been able to save a ton of money on this project by using second hand cabinets (which were pretty much brand new and going to be thrown away!) and having such talented men, especially my Dad, in our family who have spent hours helping!

This coming weekend will be our 5 year anniversary. With all the projects we've been doing this summer, we haven't had much time to relax and enjoy each other, so we are taking time to do just that. We can't wait. Hopefully the weather is hot and sunny so we can get outdoors and have some fun!

I'll update as soon as I hear something from Ohio. Hopefully sooner than later!