Monday, June 8, 2009

Expect the Unexpected

That's my new favorite saying. I'm pretty sure it's the only way we're going to survive the adoption roller coaster. Expect the unexpected.

I checked my email this evening, like I do 800 times a day. This time I found an email from AC (adoption circle) informing us of possible adoption situations. Completely unexpected. Not that we are anywhere close to being ready to show our profile, but it gave me hope that there really are situations available. So there was not only 1 situation, but 2. 2 in the same day. One day, we will get those email, and actually be in the position to respond with whether or not we are interested. Crazy.

I've made it known that we are not focusing on the day that we become someone's mommy and daddy. We are focused on the daily tasks at hand; working hard, making money to pay for the adoption, doing homestudy paperwork, and completing a profile. When that's all done, and only when we're approved and waiting, will we be able to focus on that day our miracle is born. Until then, we will go with the flow, and pray for the situations that we read about in the email.

Expect the unexpected.


Melissa said...

You have such a great attitude! You continue to amaze me!!

Team Clancy said...

I just love the new blog! I cannot wait to hear all about what you guys have in store for you.