Monday, June 1, 2009


On Friday, I received the OK from Adoption Circle (AC) to start our home study, which is awesome because we originally thought we would have to wait until after our next training session with AC on July 14th! Whew!

Since AC is in OH., we have to use a PA agency for the home study. We are hoping to use Genesis of Pittsburgh for that. I'm waiting this morning for the Asst. Director at G. of P. to get into the office so I can bombard her with my many questions and get this ball rolling. I might go nuts between now and 10:30 when she is supposed to be in the office!

Instead of driving myself crazy in anticipation....I'll try to divert my thoughts to what has been bringing me the most joy over the last 2 months! My Niece and Nephew!

Kayleigh (left) and Jake (right)

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