Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dear Journal,

The day started off pretty well. My usual breakfast for the Hubby, before sending him off to work. Sipping my coffee over Facebook stalking, then a shower and making Mira's breakfast. She woke up on the right side of the bed, and cooperated completely with a diaper change, breakfast, then getting dressed. The plan was to run to Babies R Us for new sippy cups, then the grocery store before returning home for lunch and nap. The trip was great, NOT EVEN 1 TEMPER TANTRUM!

I was thinking I would do another "Through the Eyes of a Child" post today, as Mira and I had to take a ride on an escalator. She was so excited, and trying to figure it all out! She kept looking up and down, saying "Up Up Up!" and "WOW!" When we were leaving, it was the same excitement, and "Down Down Down!" Oh, the simple things!

The first stop took a little longer than expected, so we skipped the grocery store and went straight home just in time for lunch and nap time.  I was all excited about the new sippy cups, so I decided to wash one up and try it out.  Sassy Grow Up Cup turned out to be rocket science to me! I washed it and filled it with water, and the stupid thing kept leaking when I tipped it up. Then once I got it to my mouth, one drop would drip out, and that was it. I let the toddler try it out, and the same thing happened. Only she LOVED it! Of course anything she can do to make a mess is right up her alley! I was already convinced that the cup was terrible and it and the other 3 I bought were getting returned! After Mira went down for her nap, I decided to investigate a little better. I took it apart, and started over. Well, this time I got it together the right way, and figured out where exactly the liquid comes out of, and hit the jackpot! It's an awesome cup! Doesn't leak, and you sip from the outside rim and the liquid comes right out! Genius! I didn't feel stupid, because it was difficult! Just hope no one saw me drinking from it!

Naptime = Bliss and it lasted for 3 hours! I was extremely productive, doing laundry and de-cluttering a little. However, the 3 hour nap pushed our shopping trip back later than anticipated. Back to the rough part of our day, 4:00. Typical meltdown hour around here! I took plenty of entertainment and snacks to tide her over, since we would still have to make dinner when we returned. (I'm ever so organized and prepared! Ha!)

The trip was great, again, NO tantrums, she sat nicely in the cart and waited patiently in the checkout line! Getting her in the car seat is usually a fight, so I gave her my keys to play with. She loves to push the beep beep button! I got her strapped in and without thinking shut the door. I heard a click, and looked down. She locked the doors. OH. MY. GOODNESS. My heart was in my throat as I looked at every door lock, and realized my baby was locked in the car. Crap. What am I gonna do????? I started yelling at the window for her to "Hit the beep beep button!" She just laughed and waved the keys at me. I said it over a couple times, and was reaching for my cell when I heard the click. SHE ACTUALLY UNLOCKED IT. I grabbed the door handle as quick as I could (she usually pushes the button over and over again!) and opened the door. AAAGGGHHHHH!!!!!! I burst into tears, as I couldn't believe I made such a stupid mistake, and she just giggled and giggled!

By the time we got home, I could finally laugh about it. I quickly carried Mira in and brought in the groceries. I was planning to make Potato Soup, and I quickly learned that you can't rush a pot of soup! I was making a huge mess. I ran down to check on Mira (who was watching The Wiggles) and she's holding a plastic bag. As I get closer I realize what USED to be in that bag; a doz. eggs, which are now inside the Pack 'N Play with her! I accidentally left them on the couch next to her and she pulled them in. Crap. I grabbed them before she stepped on them, and not one was broken! Are you kidding me????

Someone was really watching out for me today! For some reason, the roux I was making to go in my soup flopped completely and was more like batter, but I managed to salvage what I could, and it actually turned out pretty well! I will be searching for an easier recipe though :-)


Melissa said...

Oh my goodness!

I have a question, though... what the heck is roux??

Justin and Jessica said...

Ha ha you're funny! It's just butter and flour (I use cornstarch) and liquid to thicken soup! It seriously look like vomit! ha!