Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Perspective in theory of cognition is the choice of a context or a reference (or the result of this choice) from which to sense, categorize, measure or codify experience, cohesively forming a coherent belief, typically for comparing with another. One may further recognize a number of subtly distinctive meanings, close to those of paradigm, point of view, reality tunnel, umwelt, or weltanschauung.
To choose a perspective is to choose a value system and, unavoidably, an associated belief system. When we look at a business perspective, we are looking at a monetary base values system and beliefs. When we look at a human perspective, it is a more social value system and its associated beliefs. ~Wikipedia

We don't really get into Halloween around here. Yes, we let our kid dress up in a cute costume and take her trick or treating with the cousins, but there's no decorating the house or scary movies, etc. Well, my sweet girl said she wanted to be Kermit The Frog. So me being me, and not wanting to spend a lot on a frog costume that she'll wear once, decided I would make one. How hard could it be? Apparently, it's really not easy being green, because I can not find 1 single "kelly" (Kermit's true color) green hoodie or sweat pants anywhere. Ok fine. So I order an $8 hoodie online that should be delivered by today, and decide to make the pants, eyes, and collar. (At the last minute, no doubt!) Spent a few hours last night cutting out frog legs and looking for patterns for the collar and eyes. The mail comes, and low and behold, there's still no green hoodie. Chase down the mailman and he doesn't have it or have any idea where it is even though the computer says it was delivered Sat. Call the mail delivery annex and they said it was delivered Sat. and there's not much they can do for me. Starting to loose my cool at this point. Then I thought about having to tell my sweet girl that Mommy isn't going to have a Kermit costume for her. Let the water works flow from this Momma's eyes. I was so sad. I started texting my friends with boys asking if they have one? Daddy jumps online at work and searches for a costume and is willing to pay the big bucks for overnight shipping. I pull out the turquoise green hoodie and pants I bought just in case and think of how silly she will look and how no one will know she's Kermit because it's the wrong color green.

Then I log into facebook. Probably about to write some horrible status about how sad I am that this is all happening and how horrible my life is because I can't make my daughter the Halloween costume that she wants and that the mailman sucks because he lost our package.

Instead, I saw my friends posting pictures, like this. 

This is from a friend who's family owned one of these houses in Breezy Point, NY. They were not sparred from the destruction of Hurricane Sandy yesterday. So many years of memories, all gone. They are thankful that no one was injured here. It's just a house.

Then there was this story......Joy's Journal

Thank you God for giving me a lot of perspective today. The costume, however unnecessary, is coming together without the lost hoodie. I was made blatantly aware of the fact that I was a little out of touch with reality today, and need to start each day by organizing my thoughts and focusing on what is really important. Thank you God for my family and our good health, a safe, warm place to call home, and your unconditional and unfailing LOVE!  

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