Friday, October 26, 2012

3 yrs ago

3 years ago, today, we were on our way out to Columbus. We had received the call we were waiting for just 3 days prior, that we had been selected by a Birthmom and she wanted to meet us. I sit here remembering the emotions of that day. We were so nervous we could puke. Excited for what the future may hold, but reserved and grounded. I'm not sure how that's all possible at once, but I know that my husband was my rock through it all. I would have to go back in my blog to know for sure, but I would guess that I wrote about details of that day here already. I guess the thing that I remember most about that day, was how my heart was breaking for this sweet girl, who was so brave and strong. I just wanted to scoop her up and bring her home with us and help her get on her feet. I also remember telling myself that if she decided that she was going to parent this baby instead of  placing her with us, that we would all be just fine. Well, if anyone even reads my blog, there's a good chance you know how the rest of this story goes!

I think it's interesting how as time goes on, our focus has changed. During the first year after Mira was born, we remembered the events and milestones of the year before. Not a day went by that I didn't think, "this time last year, we.......". The second year, the little milestones slipped away, but I could still recall most details. This past year, I've been so busy keeping up with my sweet girl and the 2 babies I watch that it wasn't until last night that I realized it was Oct. 25, and I hadn't even thought about how on Oct 23, 2009, I was sitting at my sisters house when my cell rang. It was our case worker explaining that we'd been selected and she wanted to meet us. It kinda felt weird that Oct. 23rd 2012 came and went, and I hadn't thought about that wonderful day. Although I don't remember all the words that were said, I don't a year will pass that I don't remember Oct. 26th as the most important day for our family. A tall, skinny, blonde girl sat across from us, sharing her life with us. She had suffered so much, and possibly still is to this day. I have cried many tears for her, thinking of the milestones in Mira's life that she isn't apart of, and how amazing it is that she allowed us to share in this much joy. I hope she always knows how important she is to us, and that we will always love her and welcome her to be apart of our family.

I guess this would be an appropriate post to do a Mira update as well. I can't seem to ever focus long enough to blog regularly, so I better do it now! Miss Mira is in love with musicals and live shows. We went to Idlewild 4 times this summer, and the child never wanted to miss a show! They are so cheesy there but she loved it! I can't wait to take her to a real musical, or better yet, DISNEY WORLD!! She will be so excited. She is really being a great helper for me (most days) when the babies are here. She loves helping with diaper changes and picking up the toys that they drop over and over again. We finally achieved the status of completely potty trained. I haven't bought pull-ups for about 3 weeks! She was still needing them at night, but something finally clicked and she started waking up dry! When we used the rest of a bag up, I decided not to buy anymore. I was pretty nervous about wet sheets, but knock on wood, that has not happened at all! It was the strangest thing tho.....anytime I tried her in panties and told her that she was in panties and needed to keep them dry all night, she would panic and have to pee every 5 minutes. As long as we don't bring attention to the panties before bed, and never mention about needing to wake up to pee, she is completely fine. She wakes up one time a night to pee, but goes right back to sleep! It's really amazing how long the potty training process can take, and how it can be so different from one child to the next. I'm glad to officially be passed that stage! Mira loves the Muppets and frequently acts out the scenes. She randomly breaks out in song, or says something from the movie. When I ask her what that's from, she'll tell me it's Gary and Walter (from the Muppet Movie). Some of the funniest things she's saying right now are, "I can't alieve (believe) it!", "Hey Mom, I have a question for you.", and "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" She can count to 13, and 20 with help. She's starting to recognize letters, and associate words and names that go with the letters. She's very good at M is for Mira!

I think that's all for now. I really should have been creating my sweet girls Halloween costume instead of blogging, but I guess Kermit the Frog will have to wait til tomorrow!

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