Sunday, October 4, 2009

New Fundraiser Idea?

Every time someone asks us if we're still adopting, they have to give us a quarter. Every time we have to tell someone, "There's nothing new.", they have to give us a quarter. Our Adoption Fund jar would fill up pretty fast!

We love talking about it, and telling people about our journey. I just thought about cashing in on the situation!

Obviously, that's a joke. We have been blessed repeatedly since we started. People have been so generous, helping with our finances voluntarily. No asking or begging! Like Friday when I received yet another gift and inspiring card from a very sweet friend from high school. What a surprise and a blessing. Thank you so much!

And last night, while visiting with my Grandparents from Indiana, they showed us a small box from Israel, called a Mite (not sure on the correct spelling) Box, in which they and their friends and neighbors are filling with their spare change for our fund. We were blessed with the stories of the people in their neighborhood are going out of their way to help us. Every little bit helps. They are saving pennies, but it is priceless to us to feel so much love.

So, Yes, we're still adopting. No, we have no news. No, we don't know how long we will have to wait. BUT...............

We have never felt so much love and support and will count our blessings everyday until we bring home our miracle. No matter how long it takes!

P.S. Pray for our friends Josh and Megan as their Birth mother, who has chosen them to be her baby's parents, will be induced this evening. They will soon be the proud parents of their second beautiful miracle through adoption!

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Heather said...

I have a feeling it's more like a "MIGHT" box, like you "might" get money or you "might" not. Not so much a "MITE" box as in the "ter-mite" may eat your box! ha ha! couldn't resist! :)