Monday, September 14, 2009

Roller Coaster

I was called out yesterday, reminded that when I started this blog I promised I would update every week. I didn't go back to see when my last post was, but I know it's been a while.

Sorry. Here you go!

I never was much of a fan of roller coasters. I usually end up with a sore neck for days after the quick 30 second ride. I was thinking today about the journey to adoption, and how it's often compared to a roller coaster ride. I think about the many amusement parks I've been to. Getting in line for the ride is like the time from when we started trying to conceive. Getting on the ride is like choosing an adoption agency. The beginning of the ride is the homestudy and all the paperwork, and then, your car is starting to climb up the first big hill. Climbing, climbing, climbing.

That's where I feel we are. We are almost to the top of the hill, ready for the climax and the twists and turns and ups and downs that are to follow. The top of the hill, in my mind, is when we receive our official letter saying we're approved. I'm assuming that there is an official letter. I'm beginning to wonder. It's been a couple weeks since we've heard anything. Patience. I'm trying.

On a different note, we are having our 3rd. and final yard sale to benefit our adoption fund. Saturday, 79 Broad Street, Marianna. Stop by if you're out and about enjoying the covered bridge festivals. We're hoping to get rid of mostly everything left. We have done great with our sales, raising more than $1400 to help bring our dream into reality. Thanks to everyone who donated stuff, came and shopped, and helped run the yard sales. We'll need to think of a good fundraiser for the colder months to come. We have been truly blessed to this point, and are so thankful for the support of our friends and family!

I'm hoping my next post will include hands in the air and lots of screaming ;-0


Cincy said...

You are almost there!!! Hang in there it will happen when you least expect it!

Team Clancy said...

I hope so too!!!!!