Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Some days......

Some days, I wish that we lived in a fancier house.
Other days I could care less about fancy, and am grateful that we have house, with 4 walls, windows and a roof to protect us.

Some days, me and my girl go about our business like your normal average family.
Other days I sob constantly at the fact that God gave me this beautiful spunky child to nurture and love and I feel more than average! Down right special!

Some days, I get so impatient thinking about having a second baby. Annoyed at the people who can get pregnant whenever they want. Angry at the people who have babies and don't take care of them. Jealous of the people who miraculously get pregnant against the odds. Sad for my friends who have to go through the same feelings I do.
Other days, I'm reminded of God's perfect plan. How our patience paid off in more blessings than we could have ever imagined. How beautiful the child is that God created for us. Our perfect child. How abundantly blessed our journey to parenthood has been.

Some days, I forget I'm an adoptive Mommy.
Other days it's all I can think about. Really? God and Mira's Birth Mom trusted ME to take care of this child. I still pinch myself over our journey to become parents, and pray daily for our future children.

Some days, parenting is easy.
Other days are so dang frustrating that I can't wait until bedtime. I can't wait until I don't have to lay in Mira's room with her until she falls asleep, can't wait until I don't have to run to the potty with her, can't wait until I don't have to watch her every move so she doesn't get hurt. Then I realize how sad it will be when all those stages have passed. I will spend less time with her, and she will be independent.

Some days, I wish time could stand still.

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