Wednesday, August 29, 2012

This N That

I thought this quote was fitting for my mood lately. I tend to forget how to deal with being busy, as in, doing more than just taking care of Mira daily and massaging occasionally. I can easily let myself get overwhelmed and bogged down, if I don't remember to be thankful for the opportunities that I'm given. Watching my friends babies is such a blessing for us. I am able to be at home with Mira, which is what I want the most. However, I am fortunate enough to be helping two sweet, loving families with their babies. It's really working out great. The Mommies are being very considerate of my families needs and it really is a great thing. Mira is behaving well this week too! She's loving "Her Boy" S and has cooperated for the most part. Baby B is off this week, but will be back next week. I'm hoping that transition goes well for all of us, but we'll deal with whatever. Yesterday I was working from 7am-7pm. Ugh. I also had some major cramps and no energy on top of that. Dear God, that was funny. Let's not let it happen again! I was praying that He would give me the strength I needed to make it through the day. By the time I got to my second job, I was feeling much better. I actually ended that long day feeling better than when I started! I remembered to give Him the glory. I struggle a lot with some things. I try to ward off jealousy by creating new things in our life to be excited about. Not necessarily buying new things, or spending money, just something new to work towards or some exciting event to look forward to. I've kinda been in that funk lately, like, all my friends are pregnant and looking forward to a new baby, or buying new cars, or taking an awesome trip. I'm searching for what our next excitement will be. Often during these times, I try to remind myself to draw nearer to God. To open my eyes and ears and be still enough to listen for the way He is leading us. I guess that would be discernment. I am also reminded of the Prayer of Jabez, and how we are supposed to ask God to bless us.

I think this post is kinda random, so I'll just add to that. I really wish that I could become a more organized housekeeper. Not to impress anyone, just to keep my self sane. Also, I'm really irritated at myself for not being able to complete a couple photo memory books that are long over due for completion. I hope that when I hit "publish" the photo quote at the top fits in the page and is no longer cut off. I really don't have the energy or the expertise to fix it. 

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