Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Update

Friday, I went to a massage therapy seminar to learn an new technique! It was a great class. So glad I was able to attend and I can't wait to use my new knowledge.

Saturday we didn't have much on the schedule, which was awesome since there was an ice storm and it was nasty outside! Daddy went out to chisel the ice, and Mira and I had an impromptu dance party in our jammies, including the sweetest kisses from my beautiful baby. All the giggles and kisses brought me to tears. I was cherishing the moment, and hoping I will remember it in 20 yrs. when my baby is all grown up!

Mira went to play with Mammy and Pap Pap and we went to our church to attend Marriage Seminar 101
It's an 8 week course in Marriage Enrichment, and there was a good blend of young couples and some with more experience. (I was going to say old, but then remembered I will be on that end of the spectrum someday!) I can already see a slight change for the better in our relationship, and I can't wait to spend the time with my Hubby to help us learn to be more aware of each others needs. 

Sunday was off to church, and then to Pap Pap's birthday celebration! It's always a crazy time with all the kids together, but it's awesome to be able to get everyone together so often! This week we'll celebrate Aunt Hega's (Heather) birthday too! Happy Birthday to them both, and prayers for a healthy, successful year!

(I just realized I don't have any pictures to share, and I don't think anyone took a picture yesterday! I would like to be better about that, so we will have these wonderful memories captured to share with our kids in the future!)

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