Friday, January 13, 2012

Big Girl Update

Our sweet baby is growing so fast! I love watching her learn new things, and she gets so excited when she does. Last night while taking a bath, she was laying on her belly with her face in the water blowing bubbles. She would blow bubbles, and look up at me and say, "I did it!" Of course I was tearing up, thinking of all her accomplishments thus far, and feeling so blessed that we can share all this with her!

Maybe I was a little more emotional yesterday, since it was also the day that she pooped on the potty for the first time for me! She's been peeing on the potty for months, and for about the last 2 weeks she's been doing really well keeping big girl panties dry during the day! I haven't been this excited about poop since it turned solid at about 6 months! (For a cloth diapering Momma, this is awesome, as the diapers are easier to clean when it's solid.) Our goal has been to go on the potty before tomorrow, when we go see Sesame St. Live! She did it! She achieved our goal! We can go see Elmo!!! (Mommy and Daddy would have looked pretty funny going alone!)

She's been really creative lately too, here she is working on a masterpiece! 

She loves to sing, and The Veggie Tales theme song is her new favorite. She also sings her ABC's, and Jesus Loves Me, and she  loves to dance! Her vocabulary is ever growing, and she's been speaking in sentences. Unfortunately for Momma, her favorite thing to say is, "I don't want to." (in the whiniest voice imaginable) It's a good thing she's cute :-) She tells us when we're doing a "de djob" (good job) and is getting pretty good at remembering to say please and "de dum" (thank you).

At her 2yr. check-up she was 30lbs. and 35.5" tall (2ft. 11" or something) So thankful for our healthy, perfectly proportionately growing gift from God!

I'll leave you with our many failed attempts at a Christmas family photo :-)

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