Friday, January 21, 2011

Random Friday Thoughts

I hit my head. I think I probably have a concussion, but more importantly, it hurts. REAL BAD. Ouwah.

I get to meet two new sweet baby girls tomorrow and I'm beyond excited. That makes Mira's second set of twin girls to grow up with and be BFF's with! So special!

I'm really pretty tired of being "stuck" in the house. I need to find new ways to entertain myself so I'm not feeling the need to rip my hair out by 4pm. It's not Mira either. We have fun playing and she does really well staying on her normal routine when we're home all day, and I LOVE being home with her taking care of her. It's more for my sanity. I don't mind the staying home part, it's more the closed windows, snow on the grass (instead of our baby pool and blanket!) only step out on the porch to get the mail and still freeze our dupa's off part. I guess most stay at home moms are feeling the same way right about now. HOWEVER, I'm very thankful to get to spend so much time with my sweet girl!

I've been doing laundry ALL DAY LONG and it's still not done yet, at 10:25pm. Geez!

I'm excited to spend Sunday celebrating my big Sister's birthday with my family, and then help pull off a surprise for her on Monday, her 33rd. birthday!

I'm such a night owl, and I eat a lot at night. Yuck. Stop it, stop it! I've gotta fit in my 'kini in 20 weeks!

Hmmm.......I think that's all for now. Chips and salsa or homemade banana bread?? Lol!

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