Thursday, January 14, 2010


Thanksgiving came and went. We ate lots of turkey, enjoyed our time with family, and thanked God for the blessings we had been given, and the ones we were hoping to receive. Although we were on the edge of our seats awaiting the phone call, we had a wonderful peace knowing that this was in God's hands. Our BM had called every time she said she was going to, so we were confident that she was going to keep us informed as we were waiting for her to call and say she was in labor.

For those of you who know me well, calm and patient are not really words you would use to describe me, right? Well, I did really well until Monday, November 30th. We heard nothing all weekend, and as I sat at home that Monday, my mind got the best of me in the midst of not hearing anything yet. I was a basket case, to say the least. Just ask my Hubby! I was totally convinced in my head that BM already had the baby and was not going to follow through with the adoption plan. I convinced myself that if that was what was best for the baby, then I would (had to) be ok with it. In the middle of one (of many) emotional breakdowns, I got a phone call from BM! I was in such shock that I had to tell myself to answer the phone!

She was (as usual) her cheerful self, despite the fact that she was passed her due date and so over being pregnant at that time. She was calling to let me know that there had been no progress in a week, and her Dr. would be inducing her at 6am. the next day. (insert many prayers, thanks to God, and major squeals here!!!!) She was calm and cool, and had no idea what was going on 3 hours away on the other end of that phone conversation! Whew!

She said we didn't have to be there right at 6am, and I told her we were leaving Monday night to come out and spend the night at a hotel. Cool as a cucumber! Ha!

So we packed our bags, oh wait, they were already in the car!!!!

So, we took care of some last minute details, and headed on our way!

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